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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift
Albert Einstein

Achieving Extraordinary Performance


Welcome to TLC-i


We are a business consulting, training, coaching and facilitation organisation that specialises in the application of psychology to solve business, operational and behavioural problems through engaging with, capturing the imagination of and enhancing the potential of the workforce.


Our aim is to be the centre of expertise in providing innovative, high quality, integrated, applied psychology solutions to training interventions, organisation development, workforce engagement and creating sustainable behaviour change.


TLC-i delivers sustainable behavioural development to transform learning capability and improve business and safety performance. 


We work in four main areas:

  1. creating the right organisation mind set and culture to faciltate organisation change
  2. developing and implementing workforce engagement strategies to unblock and transform negativity and cynicism
  3. training and mentoring people to create and maintain a high performing, resilient, mindful and continually improving business culture 
  4. undertaking leading edge action research to inform our work and develop tools and products that keep our clients ahead of the game

We take the routine, the commonplace, the mundane, the stagnant and the dysfunctional and work with our clients to acheive results beyond expectation. 


Our uniqueness comes from our ability to link Extraordinary People with Extraordinary Companies and deliver Extraordinary Results.


Extraordinary People
+ Extraordinary Companies
= Extraordinary Results
= tlc-i